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Former professional and Brazilian national athlete, Coach

National Doubles Champion 2010

Since I was little I have always been fascinated by sport.

Until I was 15, I played football for the club where I was a member and was an athlete member of the group that participated in competitions for 7 years and was even called to participate in teams that would represent Brazil in U-15 international tournaments in addition to some São Paulo inter-club titles. among others.

At 13 years old, I was introduced to Badminton, a sport that changed my life and I will tell you how.

At the age of 17 my international career began, where I was invited to live in Portugal, I got a place to live for a while in an inn. There I made friends who helped me a lot.

I survived on this island for 3 months, eating in very cheap places to save money to pay for the stay. In addition to this, I had to wash my clothes in the tank and iron them by placing books on top of them after they were washed because I didn't have a washing machine or ironing machine to help me with these tasks.

I trained a lot and learned a lot there. But what I learned most was not about sport, it was about the hard life of an athlete.

Then, I found a Training Center in BWF Bulgaria, where I just needed to focus on training, eating and resting! I didn't get out of this in 3 months and as soon as the training period ended, I got a place to train and train in Spain where I started to develop my taste for being a coach.

Spending time in Brazil, I went to Denmark, one of the best places in the world to practice Badminton. There I started teaching Danish children and training at a very high and intense level.

That year I reached the top of the national sport, having been National champion in a male duo in 2010 (1st place in the general ranking during 2010).

With this result, I also participated in the Panamerican Badminton Championship in late 2010.

After that, I never stopped traveling, and integrating the Brazilian team in international competitions.

I lived another 3 times more in the Czech Republic where I met one of the greatest coaches I ever had the pleasure of knowing, besides playing several tournaments and practicing more and more my pleasure in giving training to young talents.

I am currently Head Coaco and Coach of Badminton of the club ACENBO, where we won in the 1st year, the 2nd place General of Club in SP and 1st in the Senior category.

For 3 consecutive years we are among the 3 best general teams in the state of São Paulo.

We have 3 athletes top 3 national champions and TOP 3 in their categories (U13 / U15 / U17), all members of the Brazilian team and medalists in international tournaments.

We also have 3 Para-athletes who are members of the Brazilian team and national champions and international medalists.


I am looking for new talents to train and educate through sport just as I was once.

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