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The Toledo Badminton Team offers a variety of training and courses for different levels of athletes and professionals in the field. If you are looking to improve your game and take it to the next level, you can find the support and resources you need here. In addition, we offer courses for different areas of expertise in Badminton, such as Strings, Arbitration and Coach Training.
Rest assured that TBTeam consults all of its customers to understand their unique goals. Because for us, every customer matters.

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Online Coaching - Athletes

Online training sessions are a great option to improve your athletic and sporting performance without necessarily having a coach present physically.
Have you ever imagined having a Badminton Coach, a Physical Trainer and a nutritionist working for you, without leaving your home?
Through a strategic combination of theoretical classes, planning gym and court training, planning food to compete and monitoring practical sessions (in person and / or by video) with feedbacks and Scouts, Online training participants feel motivated and challenged with the game on and off the court. If you are looking to upgrade your game, the Toledo Badminton Team Online training system is for you.


Referee Training Course

TBTeam offers the Arbitration training course for those who want to specialize in this area.
In the course, theoretical and practical knowledge and experience are brought, with active participation in simulated events for practice in real competition situations.
The course is taught by renowned and certified professionals in the area of Arbitration Brazil, Panam and BWF


Training Course for Coaches

TBTeam offers this course for you who want to enter the Hall of the best coaches in the country.
In the course, theoretical knowledge with pedagogical foundations is presented to create an environment favorable to the development of its customers.
The practical foundations are developed in the most favorable environment for this, the Club, and in it, the Client can put into practice everything learned in the course with official BWF content.
All this mixed with testimonies, lectures and experiences of ex-athletes and National coaches
At the end of the course, certificates will be received to formalize learning.
Our courses are aimed at 2 groups of coaches - National and International

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TBTeam offers all its customers the possibility to carry out sports exchanges abroad.

With sporting partners in several countries in Europe, America and Asia, it is possible to close packages to train in the major centers of Badminton in the World.

If you have the desire to challenge yourself and experience a period outside the country, we have the complete packages for short, medium and long term, already covered with tickets, stays, training fee and food included.

If you happen to wish to go as a group, we also provide the company of a TBTEAM member to take care of your team and assist you in this pleasant and challenging stay abroad.